Thanks for taking a look at my artwork. I'm passionate about my work and love to record life and people through my paintings and sketches. I'm a husband, dad, grandfather and recently retired veterinarian. 

Though largely self taught, my work has gained recent attention and has been displayed at the renowned Scarab Club of Detroit's gold medal exhibition. 

I've always loved capturing the moments, people, places and pets from my own life on canvas and I'm now using my new found free time to accept commissioned projects. I'm excited to use my talents to help others capture their own family, friends, and loved ones through my work.

If you are interested in commissioning a work, please check out my pricing page. I have broken down the basic pricing for both a charcoal sketch on paper as well as an oil painting on canvas. The size of the work and the decision to use either charcoal or oil paint impact the price.Once you have reviewed the options, feel free to contact me via email with any questions or concerns.

You're also welcome to send me images you would like considered for commissioned work via email.  A few tips regarding images. Candid photos taken when people are unaware of the camera work much better than the “say cheese” poses of people smiling directly at the camera. The best photos to work from are taken in natural lighting without flash. Outdoor photos or photos taken near a window are great. The light defines the face and allows me to capture a better likeness. I am more than happy to look at several images and will take an active part in helping you select the best photo(s) to work from.

I hope to hear from you and I look forward to creating something very special for you!

Patrick J. Mech